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Transformed All Aspects of My Life

I will attempt to properly convey the thoughts and remarkable success that Erik has created with me. I am a lifetime athlete who has spent the better part of the last twenty+ years working ninety hours per week under high stress. I was fortunate to have been given a gift of several training sessions with Erik by a very caring friend. Admittedly, it took me over a year to make the call and set my first session. That was over four years ago!

Erik has enabled me to transform all aspects of my life. He has guided me to both physical and mental strength. He has a deep and tremendous commitment to me successfully reaching my goals. Erik is a caring trainer and passionate motivator and is more educated and knowledgeable than anyone I have ever encountered. His remarkable and broad based training serves as a powerful tool kit for customized and solution based training. Erik is constantly fed by his voracious appetite for more knowledge and skill to help his client(s). His attention to detail is truly remarkable as each workout begins with facts, motivators and scripted sessions specific to my body and my needs for that day.

If asked, I would advise everyone to do themselves a favor: make a deep and unyielding commitment to yourself and those who love and depend upon you: invest in your primary and limited resource, yourself. Call Erik and commit to a journey that you will never ever regret.

Erik is a great man and he will be my guide, trainer and friend forever. I am privileged to have him and Prana Fit as a part of my life.

-Dave McTague, CEO/Business Owner

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