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A Simple Practice To Reduce Stress and Manifest Your Goals

Although there are different definitions for the word recapitulation, for our purposes here of clearing up emotional clutter, it is a core Toltec technique used to heal emotional stresses. On a deeper level, it is used to reclaim energy and return one to balance. I believe there are different levels or ways to practice recapitulation, just like there are different levels of consciousness (ex. deep sleep vs. restful awareness).

The level I'd like to introduce here, is an easy morning and evening practice you can do before you go to bed, and then again before you get out of bed. The purpose of this practice will be to reduce the accumulation of stress and over thinking that can occur during the course of a day, which can increase more over time, if your stress remains unresolved.  Since many active people avoid meditating because they can't stand the idea of "doing nothing" (even though turning off for a while can be of great benefit) this practice of recapitulating is a short, simple, and active way of clearing away the burdens that stressful emotions place on your mind.

Deepak Chopra taught this form of recapitulation to me years ago and I've found it to be very simple and effective. With little adjustment to the original teaching, in this practice there is an activity you do just before you go to sleep and then again as soon as you wake up.

Practice before bed:  Sit or lie quietly and close your eyes.  Experience all that happened during your day from the moment you woke up until this moment now.  See the whole of today flashing by like scenery as you would in a movie.  Continue this for about 5 minutes, attempting to experience these flashing images with as much detail as possible without struggling to remember everything. Do not pause on thoughts or judgments of these events, just keep the movie reel of your day going right up until the moment you got into bed. Once your movie brings you to the present moment it is in this moment that you are to formulate an intention. Think of an intention as something ten times more important as a goal and so vivid that you can almost experience it with all of your senses.  It is specific, and not unlike a goal, it is something you seek to accomplish. Intentions are markers of how things should be if you had the intended outcome as well as your feelings afterward; it is not a label. Once you formed your intention, witness it happening in your dreams tonight.

Practice when you wake up:  As soon as you wake up, recapitulate any dreams you may have had using the same techniques as you did before going to bed, except now it is with your dreams. If you do not remember your dreams, take the 5 minutes to re-visualize your intention, and then begin your day. By connecting your mornings and evenings with 5 minutes of recapitulation, you will naturally become more conscious and aware of the person you want to be.  This is a major helping step in eventually becoming the person of your dreams.

Place a great amount of your ATTENTION on your INTENTION.

The more attention you place on something, the more energy you bring to it.

-Erik Fredrickson

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