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Innovations in Health Club Management
Prana Fit Launches it’s Identify Solve Implement program for its consulting division - Prana Fit recently developed a new consulting strategy for its health clubs.

This new strategy has helped health clubs more quickly make the changes they need to increase their member satisfaction and profits in a struggling economy.  “Consumers are more conservative with their spending, and when they do spend, they are looking for value, “ says Erik Fredrickson, president of Prana Fit, Inc.

The Identify Solve Implement program sets the stage for change and produces results, not just good ideas.  Many consultants will give their two cents to businesses without ever looking inside the business they are giving advice to.  Moreover, even if the advice is good, many consultants will never actually see their ideas through.  They give the company the information, without ever assisting in the implementation of the idea.  Eventually the idea or program is lost in translation, so to speak, and the health club is left with diluted advice.  Prana Fit’s management consulting offers in-house staff development and program implementation, soup to nuts.  Using three key points the health club is on its way to improved business through:

  1. IDENTIFY:   Observations are made within the health club to identify both positive and potentially negative attributes of the company’s current business culture and model.  The observations are noted and evaluated through Prana Fit’s strategic planning department.
  2. SOLVE:  Strategies are then devised based on the observations specific to both the needs of the health club and the market they do business in.  All concepts from staff development, sales, software interface; even forms and documents are tailored to the health club.
  3. IMPLEMENT:  Once the strategies have been approved by ownership or an authorized officer of the company, Prana Fit will begin to teach, train, and manage the development of all necessary personnel, based on the new concepts and programs that will be introduced into the business.  After this is accomplished, Prana Fit will remain as long as the health club requires, ensuring the business maintains its new results.

The best part of this system is that Prana Fit truly becomes a part of your team.  Prana Fit will “team” up with your business, and help organize all of the great “ideas” into real producers.  They walk the walk with you, and always organize the business in sensible ways, so you as the owner or manager understand the logic, feel good about it, and see the timetables in which work is accomplished.  There are no airy “promises” of things that will get done.  You will see exactly what and when work is accomplished.  As Prana Fit continually delivers on its promises, it’s not long before trust and confidence become a part of your relationship with Prana Fit.

For more information on this or other Prana Fit services, please call or email Prana Fit, Inc. 631-241-6606 or email This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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