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Craig A. Reynolds, Converse Business Executive
Erik has been working with me as a personal trainer for the past six months, generally three days a week. I came to Erik with three specific goals. The first was to strengthen my left leg which had experienced significant atrophy following an injury which caused some nerve damage. The second goal was to improve my walk and gait, which had also been affected by the injury. The third goal was to trim down, improve overall muscle tone and generally look and feel better.

In the past six months, Erik has not only helped me realize significant results in meeting these goals, he has gone quite a bit further. Through our working together, I have developed a better understanding of my own body, and what I can do on a daily basis to further reach my goals. I also have learned from Erik the importance of the integration of the mind, body, and spirit and the way keeping these three elements in balance can contribute to overall wellness, not just physical wellness.

Working with Erik has been a great experience, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend him.
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