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Home Fitness Center Design

Your fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be inconvenient.  We’ve transformed many spaces you wouldn’t think of at first glance to be ideal fitness centers, but a basement, garage, or extra room can make great gyms or healthy spaces.

Adding a gym to your home can also add value to your home.  Fitness is so popular today; many hotels and homes have decided to add gym space to help attract buyers and customers.  We can work with almost any budget and organize the process to help complete your project with the right equipment for you.

You decide on the space and we’ll work on a budget.  The space can be anything from a nice place to stretch and be quiet to a fully functional gym.  See some of the pictures on our website or ask us for referrals to check the quality of our work.

Here are some images of our work  (click to enlarge):

Turn a Room Into a Fitness Center

Turn a room into a fitness center

Garage Converted Into a Fitness and Boxing Area

Garage converted into a fitness and boxing area

Cardiovascular area with fitness accessories and TV

Basement Conversion Into Gym

Basement conversion into gym

Corner of Garage Converted to Small Gym With Resistance and Cardio Equipment

Corner of garage converted to small gym with resistance and cardio equipment

Attic Space Converted Into Aerobic and Stretching Room

Attic space converted into aerobic and stretching room

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