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(photo courtesy Ellen Watson Photography)

Erik Fredrickson

(NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist)

Erik Fredrickson is the founder and president of Prana Fit, Inc., a personal training and fitness consulting company. His vision is for all to experience better health, abundant energy, and balance in life.

In addition to creating fitness programs for his clients, Erik enjoys presenting workshops, designing gyms, and has consulted and managed for health clubs around the United States. Practicing fitness professionally for over 18 years, he has experience in personal training, holistic health, nutrition and a BA in psychology.

Aside from his career as a fitness educator, Erik enjoys writing, paddle boarding, and martial arts. He loves collaborating with his wife Sara, and playing with his son and daughter. Whether it’s exercising or trips to the beach, Erik loves to keep active as a family.

 Sara Fredrickson

(NASM Certified Personal Trainer)

Sara Fredrickson is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Her enthusiasm for health and fitness drives her passion for personal training. Utilizing her diverse skill set from training athletes to pre and post-natal exercise, Sara loves seeing her clients achieve the results they’ve always wanted.

Additionally, Sara loves spending time with her husband and her two beautiful children. She is an active mother who believes in creating an early and positive relationship with physical fitness. Sara enjoys working with children and has played an active role in the fitness program at the East Hampton Early Learning Center.

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