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Obesity Causes More than Heart Problems

Most fitness professionals know that being obese can lead to heart disease, diabetes and joint problems. But, scientists are just scratching the surface when it comes to discovering the negative health effects of being overweight and obese.

New Exercise Guidelines

Adults should engage in moderately intense exercise for at least 30 minutes, five days a week, or vigorous exercise at least 20 minutes, three days each week, experts recommended.

Can A Personal Trainer Help You Lose Weight?

Trainers can play an important part in a series of steps you must take to change your body — and your lifestyle.

Personal Training
Our “at your location” training provides an exciting and effective way to meet your fitness goals. We will plan and provide if necessary all of the equipment to have a workout that meets your current needs and future goals. Whether it is at your home, business, or even in an accommodating outdoor setting, you will have a workout that offers a wide range of possibilities. Exercise will never be more fun or convenient.
Personal Coaching

There is so much information about how to diet, reduce stress, and exercise properly that it can be confusing and difficult to apply in your own life. We will help you to organize your thoughts and make sense out of a tangled web of information you may be challenged with. This service can be combined with our personal training to offer an even more complete approach to your well being.

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