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Transformed All Aspects of My Life

I will attempt to properly convey the thoughts and remarkable success that Erik has created with me. I am a lifetime athlete who has spent the better part of the last twenty+ years working ninety hours per week under high stress. I was fortunate to have been given a gift of several training sessions with Erik by a very caring friend. Admittedly, it took me over a year to make the call and set my first session. That was over four years ago!

Changed My Life Even With Some Injuries

I have been training with Erik for the last 4 yrs., and he has changed my life even with some injuries. He is extremely Professional and very knowledgeable on Fitness and any related subject. He is very kind and extremely patient, and he always finds new ways to make our sessions fun. I am extremely thankful he is in my life and I wish I can workout five days a week. He is the BEST!!


Completely Transformed My Body

I have been training with Erik for the last 3 years and have completely transformed my body and my way of looking at fitness as a way of life. Overcoming all kinds of pains has been a challenge but one he approached with dedication and focus, to get me to a point where they are gone or has taught me how to get rid of them.

Apart from being incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of training and body mechanics, his gentle and intuitive guidance reaches beyond the physical.


Have you committed to your fitness goals?

We are committed to your success.

Take the journey with us and let’s make a permanent positive change in your life together.

Do you want to...

...lose body fat?

...improve your child’s performance in a sport?

...workout where you feel best?

...get the whole family involved in fitness?

There are many ways to achieve your fitness goals for you or your family. Let’s work together to find the best option.

If you don’t enjoy your workouts the chances of you reaching your goals greatly diminishes. We take into account your health history and your enjoyment in our personal training. Doing the same thing all the time may become boring after a while, so we want you to have as many choices and workout styles at your disposal as possible.

Check out what others have said about us and take a look at our personal trainer profiles on IDEA FitnessConnect. If you want more information about getting started, please take the first step toward your new fitness success and contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Prana Fit designs new home gym in East Hampton

We’ve just completed a new basement conversion to a gym. Have you thought of transforming a space in your home to your very own gym? See our transformations!

Here is an image of this transformation (click to enlarge):

Basement Transformed Into Fully Equipped Gym

Basement Transformed Into Fully Equipped Gym

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